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The Angel Vs. Jayde Fight

Wow! What an episode! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat fight like theirs and probably will never see one like it again. Anyway, I don’t blame why Angel went after Jayde like she did. I mean, I think almost anyone would have reacted the way that she did, under those circumstances. And I applaud her for walking away when she did in order to not get any further. However, personally, I think that she could have handled herself a little bit better. Instead of “attacking” Jayde, I think that she should have tried to count to ten or walk away briefly to calm herself down, or something other than what she did. As for the whole Laura jumping in to help Angel, I don’t think that Angel should blame Laura totally. I mean, it seems that Laura didn’t see or hear what was going on, in the first place. As for the whole not knowing who was doing the job, I think that it’s just not Angel and Laura’s faults for not communicating with each other. It’s also the guy who got it started. I mean, he should have mentioned who was doing the job to everybody involved. Anyway, I think that Angel could have handled it better.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta’s New Baby

I can’t remember how I found this article, but I’m glad that Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting another child. Anyway, what gets me is a comment that was made. In a nut shell, the poster asked why we’re congratulating Kelly Preston and John Travolta for having another kid at their ages and yet we complained when Celine Dion got pregnant at 42. Well, I can’t really say why for Kelly Preston and John Travolta, but I think that it’s a big brew-ha-ha with Celine Dion because of her husband’s age and the fact that he’s so much older than her. I mean, Rene Angelil is most definitely not a spring chicken. I think he’s in his 60s or 70s. Anyway, I think the root of the whole Rene/Celine situation that Rene is old enough to be her father. Anyway, like I said, I’m glad that Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting, not that they should use this kid as a replacement for Jett.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

The Road Trip Episode

Well, I know I’m late on commenting on the most recent episode of Holly’s World but I’ll do it anyway. First, I’m glad that the episode showed more of Holly, and had Angel and Laura more in the background. The thing that had me concerned was the comment that Holly made about how Bridget met Nick at the Playboy Mansion. When I heard that comment, I was thinking, What? She’s one to talk. I mean, think abut it. Holly met Hef, of course, at the Mansion, mainly because it was his house. Anyway, my point is how can Holly criticize where Bridget met Nick when it was Hef who got her current fame going?

Holly's World

The Baseball Episode

I just watched the baseball episode of Holly’s World and it seems to me that the episodes are alternating between Holly and her friends in terms of the focus. In the premiere episode and the third episode, it predominately showed Angel, Josh, and Laura. While the second and this episode, it showed more of Holly, which I’m happy about. Anyway, it seems that one of my questions about Angel was answered in this episode. I’m relieved to sorta know the situation dealing Angel and her son. But it raises another question for me. Why did she get married so young in the first place? Anyway, the thing that I’m most curious about is the relationship between Eddie, Kendra’s assistant, and Josh. Is it me or does it seem like they have some kind of connection? I ask that because I think that Josh is gay and that Eddie is ambiguous. To me, it seemed like what they have could possibly turn into something other than friendship. Anyway, I’m glad that this episode showed more of Holly.
Holly's World

Holly’s Housewarming

As I said in my Holly’s World Premiere post, I was going to give the show a few episodes to gauge how the show was going to be. Well, after having seen the first three episodes, I have a feeling that the show is showing more of Angel and Josh, rather than predominately Holly. Like I said before, the show is called Holly’s World for a reason. I think that the show should focus primarily on Holly. Now, like for this most recent episode, I think it’s ok to show Angel, Josh , and Laura planning Holly’s housewarming as a surprise for Holly, but to the extent that Josh and Angel were shown after the party started could have been minimized. In any event, I think that Angel and Josh should have their own shows, solely based on the drama that they cause. Anyway, I’m going to continue to watch the show to see if the whole Josh and Angel focus continues.

Holly's World

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