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Summer Review

I was looking through my previous posts recently, and I realized that I haven’t really written that many posts dealing with my personal life. Anyway, up until about a week ago, I was in summer school taking cross-cultural psychology. I really enjoyed the class as opposed to my astronomy class. I was thinking about my experiences with both classes. I noticed that with the astronomy class, it felt like the class dragged on forever. On the other hand, with the cross-cultural psychology class, the six weeks went by so fast that I was like, What? The class is over already? I honestly felt like it was two separate summers. Although I wonder if it’s partly because I have more interest in psychology than in astronomy. Plus, I was counting down to my birthday. Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on my summer.

“E.T. Phone Home”

Like I said in my previous post, I recently finished taking my astronomy class. Well, the last part that we talked about was the possibilities of life outside of Earth. We talked about how slim the chances were for intelligent life other than us humans. Anyway, that made me think. I think that it’s kinda arrogant of us to think that Earth is the only planet with life in the entire universe. I mean, I can understand why we wouldn’t think there was any other intelligent life, based on what I read from the textbook. But for there not to be any life at all? Anyway, that’s just what I think.

The Eagle Nebulae

Now that I’ve been out of my astronomy class for about two weeks, I’m kinda looking back on the stuff that we did in class. Well, one of the things that we did was look at pictures of stars, nebulae, etc., and we had to described the pictures. The picture that I got was a picture of the Eagle Nebulae. Anyway, as I looked at the picture again. The column on the far left reminded me of Wall-E. I mean, it has the same shape as Wall-E’s head. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting.

The Eagle NebulaeWall-E

Pleiades and Subaru

For my astronomy class, I had to read from the textbook. Well, in the section that I had to read recently was talking about different types of groups of stars. One group of stars that was mentioned was Pleiades aka the Seven Sisters. Just as a FYI, only six out of the thousands of stars in this group of stars can be seen with the naked eye. Anyway, in the little thing that was talking about this group of stars, it talked about how the different cultures have different names for the stars. The one name that they mentioned was the Japanese name, which is Subaru, just like the car. It also said that that’s why Subaru’s logo looks like stars. It’s because the logo is the diagram of the six stars that can be seen. Anyway, because of that, I looked both the logo and a picture of Pleiades. The logo does look like the Pleiades. Personally, I just found that interesting because I didn’t know that the Subaru name and logo were related to stars. All I can say is it brings new meaning to learning something new everyday.

Subaru's logo

Astronomy class

I’m currently in summer school right now.  I’m currently taking an astronomy class in order to knock off a required class.  Now that I’ve been in the class for about three to four weeks, I’ve been kinda regretting signing up for the class.  It’s just that there are times where I don’t get the material.  But on the other hand, I find it kinda interesting.  Anyway, I kinda wish that I had signed up for physics instead.  I do have a slight background in it.  That’s only because I used to take karate and swimming lessons.  I could have applied what I learned in karate and swimming in the class.

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