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Glee And The Vampire Diaries

I can’t remember how the subject came up but I was talking to a friend about me not watching shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries based on my interests in musicals and vampires. Anyway, my friend asked why I don’t watch those tv shows and I said that just because I like musicals and vampires, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to watch every show, movie, etc., out there that deals with musicals or vampires. My point is that just because someone has an interest in something, that doesn’t mean that the person will watch, listen, read, etc., anything and everything related to that subject. Take music as an example. Just because a person likes music, that doesn’t mean that the person will like all kinds of music. The person might just like classical, or just rap, or just pop. Anyway, I’m just saying that people shouldn’t think that a person will everything in a particular subject.

Glee and The Vampire Diaries

Logan Huffman vs. Hans Matheson

I happened to stumble upon the most recent episode of the show V the other night and saw Logan Huffman, who plays Tyler. As I watched the episode, I was thinking that Logan reminds me of someone. Then it dawned on me that he reminds of a younger and blue-eyed version of Hans Matheson. A little FYI, Hans Matheson played Marius in the 1998 version of Les Misèrables, with Liam Neeson and Claire Danes. Anyway, I think it’s freaky how they look similar.

Hans Matheson and Logan Huffman

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