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Anna Faris vs. Bridget Marquardt

Because of my Gia Carides/Helena Bonham Carter post, that made me think about other celebrities who look like each other when dressed a certain way. Well recently, I watched the Girls Next Door episode where The House Bunny crew came to the mansion to shoot. There was this one part where Kendra was talking to Allen Covert. Shortly after that, Kendra talked about how Anna Faris, when dressed as Shelly, reminded her of someone. The show then added the part where pictures of Mary, Hef, and Bridget. On Mary and Hef’s pictures, there was a “x” over each picture. But when it came to Bridget’s picture, it showed a picture of Anna Faris as Shelly, with Bridget’s picture right next to it. Anyway, because of that, I noticed the similarities. Anna Faris, when she was dressed as Shelly, did look like Bridget, especially when it came to the hair and the pink outfit. That’s just what I think.

Anna Faris and Bridget Marquardt

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