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Angel Perino Post

You know, every day, I check out my wordpress account to see what the statistics are. And what I find interesting is that my Angel Perino post has consistently been the top post since she was on Holly’s show, Holly’s World, which premiered on December 6th of last year. I think what is is that people want to read or see anything they can on Angel. Anyway, I still find her voice to be annoying.

Angel Perino

All Girls Next Door fans should at least recognize the name from the title. If you don’t, then look at the episode where Holly has the four girls come in to test for regular Playmate. The episode was in season 4. Anyway, Angel is the blond girl who was born and raised in Vegas. Personally, I find her voice to be very annoying. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thought so. In the commentary of that specific episode, Bridget was describing how she first met Angel. Anyway, Bridget described Angel’s voiced as crazy. To me, her voice kinda sounds very gratey. But that’s just my opinion. If you don’t believe, go and watch that episode.

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