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Twin Survives An Abortion

I found this link through a friend on Facebook some time ago. Even though I’m all for abortion, I found this story to be so inspiring. After hearing this young lady’s story, I don’t think many people would be able to be so forgiving, myself included. I have to give this young lady credit.

The Abortion Mill

I can’t remember where I found this article, but I found it to be extremely disturbing. How can a doctor do that on purpose? I mean, to purposely kill one viable baby, let alone seven, after it was born? And in the way that he supposedly did? That’s just not right. And to top it off, everything else that this doctor is accused of doing? Letting unqualified people administer drugs to the women? Keeping severed body parts and aborted fetuses in jars, bags, and bottles? Unsanitary furniture and equipment? Illegal drug prescriptions? Jeez. Does this doctor have no moral center? What pisses me off more is the fact that the state of Pennsylvania let it go on for as long as it did. How could they just turn a blind eye to it? Why did it take an illegal drug ring to bring the doctor to justice?

Sister Margaret Mary McBride’s Excommunication

I originally heard about this from one of my favorite authors about how Sister Margaret Mary McBride, a nun from Phoenix, Arizona, was excommunicated because she authorized an abortion for a woman who would have died if the pregnancy had continued. Personally, I have a problem with Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the man who excommunicated the nun. My problem is that the Bishop, as far as I know, didn’t get all of the information regarding the situation before he made the decision to excommunicate the Sister. Plus, it’s not like he was there when the Sister approved the abortion. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Sister was torn between what her faith told her and what the situation was. And to be quite honest, I’m not surprised that she picked the lesser of two evils. In this case, I think that the abortion is the lesser of two evils because it was either have the woman keep the baby, risk her life, and possibly leaving four children motherless, or, doing the abortion, and definitely saving the mother and leaving her kids with a mother. Anyway, my other point is that I also hate it when people jump to conclusions without getting as much information as possible. In this case, I think that the excommunication of the Sister is a bit overkill, especially when you compare it to what the Catholic Church has not done in regards to the sex abuse scandals.

Sister Margaret Mary McBride

The Failed Abortion

I saw this article that was posted by a friend on Facebook. It talked about this doctor, from Florida, who performs second trimester abortions lost his medical license because he accidentally killed the “healthy” twin, instead of the twin with Down Syndrome. After the doctor realized that he got the “wrong” twin, he aborted the other twin. Ok, now I’m all for abortion, and I know I’m going to get flak for that. But when I read this article, I would have to disagree with the woman who got the abortion in the first place. In the article, it said that the woman had gotten pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Now, what I have a problem with is that the woman got through pregnant through IF. If this woman was desperate enough to go through IF to get pregnant, I would think that she wouldn’t want to abort the pregnancy. In addition to that, I don’t agree with second trimester abortion. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

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