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Wicked Sunset Review

So, I finished Wicked Sunset a while ago, but I am only now getting around to doing the review. Because it’s been a while since I finished reading the book, my impressions are a little bit rusty. Anyway, you can find a summary of the book here, and if you don’t want a little bit of a spoiler, don’t read any further. Personally, I thought that the book felt like it was a filler book. What I mean by that is I think that the author only wrote the book for one reason. The reason was to set up the next book. I think that the author should have just nixed the whole Caleb getting injured and having surgery plotline, and put the Caleb going to Yale plotline as well as Katrina going to London plotline into the next book. Anyway, like I said in my review of Summit At Sunset, I think that you should only this book if you’ve already read the previous books. Personally, I don’t know if I’m going to continue to read the series, not if it’s going to continue like this book.

Wicked Sunset

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