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Summit At Sunset Review

So, I finished reading Summit At Sunset by Jaz Primo. Personally, I thought that the book was ok. I have to admit that this particular book was extremely action packed. And I liked how it revealed that Katrina and Caleb were not the only ones who were involved in a vampire/human relationship. However, I’m beginning to dislike the fact that the Katrina/Caleb is beginning to seem a lot like the Edward/Bella relationship Twilight. What I mean by that is the vampire in the relationship constantly has to either protect the human from other vampires or get the human out of some kind of trouble, usually by having other ally vampires keep the human in some kind of extreme measure. I don’t know if it’s just because of the nature of a vampire/human relationship that includes the human being in danger, whether it’s from other vampires or otherwise, that the vampire needs to protect the human from, but I’m getting a little tired of reading and watching vampire/human relationships. But that’s another issue. Anyway, like I said earlier, I thought that the book was ok. And to be quite honest, I would only recommend the book if you have read and liked the first two books, and want to continue the series.

Summit At Sunset

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  1. […] as well as Katrina going to London plotline into the next book. Anyway, like I said in my review of Summit At Sunset, I think that you should only this book if you’ve already read the previous books. […]

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