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A Bloody London Sunset Review

So, I finished reading A Bloody London Sunset by Jaz Primo. Like the first book of this series, Sunrise At Sunset, I had a few problems with this book. One of the problems that I had was the lack of an overarching plot throughout the book. To me, it felt like it was split into two subplots mashed together, with the storyline of Paige and her boy toy du jour, and the storyline of Kat and Caleb going to London. I mean, at least with the first book, there was the overarching plotline of the Amazonian vampire who was hell bent on getting revenge for the death of her mate. To me, this book didn’t have that same overarching plotline.

Another problem that I had with this book was the fact that the author spent so much time in one section for the storyline of Paige and her boy toy du jour. I mean, based on the way the story turned out, I thought that the Paige and the boy toy du jour plotline and Kat and Caleb’s trip should have been interspersed. For example, when Paige had to kill her boy toy back in California, that’s when I think Kat and Caleb should have gone to London. I say that because Paige wanted Kat and Caleb not contact her for a while after she killed her boy toy, so Kat and Caleb were going to be busy in London anyway, so that would have been perfect timing.

My second to last problem is that I had with this book was the Kat and Caleb in London storyline. I wished that this storyline was elaborated a little bit more and drawn out more.

My last problem with the book is the amount of intimate relations that Kat and Caleb had in the book. I mean, I get that the characters are over 18 and that the characters are lovers. However, is it really necessary for the author to that Kat and Caleb had intimate relations several times through the book?

A Bloody London Sunset

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