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Firespell Review

I just finished reading Firespell by Chloe Neill. Overall, I liked the book. I would recommend it. However, there were two things that I would have to critique. So, if you haven’t read the book, don’t go any further. The first thing is that there was too much explanations and not enough action. What I mean by that is I felt like the author spent a little bit too much time revealing a lot of information about the Enclave and the underground world that Scout was a part of. I mean, i get that the author has to reveal quite a bit of information in the first book in a series in order to draw a reader in, especially in a relatively short book, but I think it was a bit excessive in this book. Also, because there was too much information revealed, the action, in my opinion, was a bit lacking. Anyway, the second thing was that the bad people/dilemma didn’t really seem like a threat to me. To me, it felt like the author thought of the bad people/dilemma as an afterthought. I think that the author should have made the bad people/dilemma appear more frequently in the book than they actually did, mainly in the form of the two lackeys stalking the main character.


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