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A Mini Project

So, I have been thinking about having a recurring theme to this blog after I read this post. The reason that it struck a chord with me was because I realized that I haven’t really been posting as much as I used and I found that to be a little bit sad. I mean, I kept up this blog for a reason and that was to post things that I was thinking about at the time. So, I was thinking, what is there for me to write about that I can keep up and do in a regular fashion? I don’t want to write about school because I am almost done and don’t feel entirely comfortable having it posted where anyone can read it. I’m not currently working and wouldn’t write about it because again, anyone can read it, even if I had a job. It’s the same with talking about my friends and family. The only things that are constant in my life that I feel comfortable talking about on a blog right now are movies, TV shows, and of course, books. So, I thought, I’ll mainly focus on movies, TV shows and the books I’ve read. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do at least two posts a week, one talking about the book that I’m reading during that week, and another dealing with the shows that I’ve watched during the week.

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