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I know I don’t really talk about my personal life much on this blog, but I just wanted to get this out there because I think it’s an important to raise awareness for the topic. About two weeks, on April 15th, I participated in the 2012 Hawaii AIDS Walk in Kapiolani Park as extra credit for a class. I just wanted to show some pictures and video that I took to help promote the Hawaii AIDS Walk.

Start Sign
Finish Sign
Chucky Cheese

Here are the judges of the group costume contest. The two judges are Coco Chandelier, in red, and Andy South, in the blue-ish/purple-ish dress.
Coco Chandelier
Coco Chandelier and Andy South
Andy South

Here are some of the food vendors at the walk.
Da Spot
Fresh Roasted Corn
Kettle Corn
Kora Sausage
Shave Ice

Here are the winners of the group costume contest. The PacMan group were the first place winners.
1st place winners

This is a picture of the second place winners.
2nd Place Costume Contestants

Here are the videos I took. Most of them are of dance groups that performed that day.

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