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I am actually speechless at the finale of season six of Bones. Do not read the rest of this post if you haven’t watched the episode: it contains spoilers. I had a sneaky suspicion that Bones and Booth actually hooked up. And to top it off, Bones is pregnant with Booth’s baby. You know, as I thought about last week’s episode, I thought to myself, ‘How weird would it be if Bones ended up pregnant just like in Booth’s coma dream?’ And what happens? Bones becomes pregnant. Now it’s a matter of what happens next. I mean, will Booth propose to Bones? Are they going to just date? Is Bones going to keep the baby? If Bones keeps the baby, how involved will Booth be? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see season seven to find out. Anyway, I’m glad that Angela finally had the baby. I gotta admit, all of the scenes dealing with Angela and Hodgins were funny. I also thought the fact that they gave the baby the name Vincent as a middle name was touching. What a nice way to honor Vincent Nigel-Murray. The only thing that I wish was a little different would be if the baby had turned out to be blind. It would have made for an interesting subplot. Either way, I’m still glad that Angela had the baby.

Booth and Brennan

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