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Prince William’s Engagement

I recently found out about Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton. I think that it’s about time that he finally proposed to her. I don’t think that the people of England would want a repeat of what happened with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Anyway, from the sounds of it, Prince William and Kate seem to be a good match. Now that they’re getting married, I think that Kate will be under even more pressure because of two things. The first thing is to help produce the heir to the future king of England. All I can say is that she had better start popping those kids out soon. Anyway, I think that the other pressure is being compared to Diana. I personally don’t think that it’s fair to compare Kate and Diana in terms of beauty. I say that because each woman has a different type of beauty. Kate, in my opinion, has more of a dark beauty, not that it’s a bad thing. Diana had more of a conventional beauty. Anyway, I’m glad that they’re engaged.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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