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Hugh Hefner Engaged!

I just found out that Hugh Hefner got engaged to Crystal Harris, his number one girlfriend, post-Holly. Personally, I think that Hef is a hypocrite! I say that because Hef kept telling Holly that he didn’t want to get married again after his two previous marriages failed, and now, he wants to get married again? I think that the engagement is a figurative slap to Holly’s face. To me, it just seems like Crystal is trying to be like Anna Nicole Smith, who we all know married another 80-something-year-old man for his money, aka a gold digger. Anyway, I think that Hef is being such a hypocrite.

Hef and Crystal

Comments on: "Hugh Hefner Engaged!" (1)

  1. susan sowerby said:

    I have seen all the tv shows with Hugh Hefner,Holly Bridget,and Kendra i think he was gutted when they all left,and putting a ring on Crystals finger will keep her there with him.I agree that she is a GD but Hef knows this as well,lets be right these girls wouldn’t look at him twice if it wasn’t for his coin.

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