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Mackenzie Foy As Renesmee

When I found out that Mackenzie Foy was cast as Renesmee, I thought to myself, how are they going to make her into a baby/toddler? Because Mackenzie is obviously not a little kid, let alone a baby/toddler. I mean, I can understand why the casting director chose an “older” actress to play such a young character because that’s what they did with Claudia aka Kirsten Dunst from the movie version of Interview With The Vampire. What I mean by that in the book and movie, Claudia is basically a fully grown woman who’s trapped in a 6-year-old body. So, when they were casting for Claudia, they wanted to cast a slightly older actress to play her because there was no way that an actual 6-year-old actress who could even remotely act the necessary emotions, intelligence, etc., that is required from the character. So, what I’m basically saying is that an actor/actress who is actually the same age as the character might be able to play the necessary maturity that the character calls for. Anyway, as for whether or not Mackenzie will be good as Renesmee, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her act.

Mackenzie Foy


Comments on: "Mackenzie Foy As Renesmee" (3)

  1. thesteelgeneral said:

    she kinda sucked at it, though. no personality whatsoever. But that didn’t stop Kirsten Stewart.
    She and Tom Cruise prove that you can be a wooden faced bad actor, yet rake in the millions. and kstew isn’t even that pretty.

    • soweird666 said:

      But you have to remember that the character of Renesmee is still relatively new. Well, at least in the context of the books. I doubt that Stephanie Meyers really had time to develop the character of Renesmee at the time because she was focusing on the finishing up Bella and Edward’s story. But yeah, I agree with in terms of Kristen Stewart.

      • Sander de Wijs (aka ice ice baby) said:

        On Interview with the Vampire: it was kinda disappointing to read that apparently Dunst felt the need to distance herself from the character, saying that she hated kissing Brad, because she thought of him as a brother. I can see what she means, but in the end, you should trust the audience to see through all that, even if the the whole Vampire thing is a form of symbolized pedophilia.

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