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After watching the most recent episode of Project Runway, I’m beginning to see who might be in the final three. I think that the final three will be Mondo, Gretchen, and Andy. I think that they will be the final three based on a process of elimination. I can’t picture Christopher Collins being in the final three because he hasn’t made anything memorable. The only thing, in my opinion, that got him this far was the fact that he’s a good tailor. His stuff is boring. It’s the same with April. She’s only made one or two memorable outfits. The only difference is that her stuff is somewhat interesting. I don’t picture Michael Costello in the final three because of his inconsistent taste level. One minute, it’s the best thing coming; the next, it’s like a big bag of poo. He’s also inconsistent with his sewing skills. Anyway, that just leaves Gretchen, Andy, and Mondo. Now, assuming that my prediction turns out to be correct, I know who I would pick as the winner. I’m not going to say who though because I don’t want to jinx it. I’m going to reveal my pick once the final three are revealed.

Project Runway Season 8

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