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I recently saw Poppi Monroe on the Disney Channel movie Double Teamed and it dawned on me that she reminds me of Anne Dudek, aka Cutthroat Bitch from House. I didn’t realize it until I saw Double Teamed. I think what it is is that they have similar face structures and that they’re both blond.

Anne Dudek and Poppi Monroe

Comments on: "Poppi Monroe vs. Anne Dudek" (3)

  1. Francesca said:

    I stumbled across this obsessing over the same idea except without miss Cutthroat bitch. I always thought that Poppi Monroe and Diane Neal, from Law and Order: SVU, were the same actress until it drove me crazy enough to look it up!

    Sorry for the randomness, I just couldn’t help sharing…

  2. soweird666 said:

    No, it’s ok. Now that you mentioned it, I can see how Poppi Monroe and Diane Neal could look alike.

  3. I thought the same exact thing I had to look it up drove me crazy

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