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My Eclipse Experience

Yesterday, I saw the third movie in the Twilight series. Well, it was quite different from my New Moon experience. Since yesterday was a Tuesday and given what time I went, there weren’t a lot of crazy fan girls. Anyway, my opinion of the movie would be three stars out of a possible five stars. I have my reasons for that rating. My major reason is that it seemed choppy. What I mean by that is the scenes didn’t really flow. It just went from one scene to the next with no explanation. One would be at the graduation party when it goes from Alice having a vision of the battle to the Cullens, Jacob, Quil, and Embry talking about the newborns and training. Another reason for my rating was how the plot was written. In this case, I wish that they kept the scenes in order. For example, the thing with Bella’s red shirt. In the book, Bella figured the connection between the shirt and the newborns out right before the graduation and told Alice. In the movie, it was Alice who figured it out and it was at the graduation party. Anyway, my last reason was the back stories. I wish that they had shown Carlisle finding Rosalie, Jasper and Alice meeting, and a little bit more of the Quilete tribe’s backstory. I also wish that Jacob at least make mention of Quil and Jared imprinting on Claire and Kim, respectively, when he was explaining imprinting to Bella. Anyway, those were my reasons for my rating. By the way, is it just me or did the scene where the newborn vampires come out of the water remind anyone of the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 1 where the evil pirates were walking in the water underneath the Dauntless towards the end of the movie?

Jacob, Bella, Edward

the newborns

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