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Holly’s Housewarming

As I said in my Holly’s World Premiere post, I was going to give the show a few episodes to gauge how the show was going to be. Well, after having seen the first three episodes, I have a feeling that the show is showing more of Angel and Josh, rather than predominately Holly. Like I said before, the show is called Holly’s World for a reason. I think that the show should focus primarily on Holly. Now, like for this most recent episode, I think it’s ok to show Angel, Josh , and Laura planning Holly’s housewarming as a surprise for Holly, but to the extent that Josh and Angel were shown after the party started could have been minimized. In any event, I think that Angel and Josh should have their own shows, solely based on the drama that they cause. Anyway, I’m going to continue to watch the show to see if the whole Josh and Angel focus continues.

Holly's World

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