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Now, keep in mind that as I’m writing this, I’m not watching tonight’s episode. When I watched last week’s episode, I was shocked to learn that Maya left on her own, and glad, at the same time, that Jonathan was eliminated. That episode was filled with so much drama. I think the only drama that tops this episode was the episode where Jeffery from season 3 upset Angela’s mother, and where Laura, also from season 3, accused Jeffery of getting outside help. Anyway, I wish that Maya would have stayed until tonight’s episode. It would have been nice to see who the finalists were going to be, had she not left. Now, as for Jonathan’s elimination, I wasn’t surprised that he was eliminated. While I agree that Jay’s outfit had it’s problems, I thought that Jonathan’s outfit was much worse. In my opinion, the color would have washed Heidi out. Now, if he had used the coral fabric, as he intended, I think that he would have been safe. I also think that he would have been safe if he also made the dress just a little bit longer. Anyway, I still can’t believe that Maya wtihdrew. I think she had a lot of potential and would have made it to the top 3.

Maya Luz and Jonathan Peters

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