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Like I said in my previous post, I finished Breaking Dawn last month. Anyway, the other part that struck me was when Aro and Caius were talking about the “werewolves”. When Aro actually said that Jacob and “the rest of the pack” were actually shapeshifters and not real werewolves, I was like, yes, I knew it! I knew that they weren’t real werewolves. Like I said in one of my previous post, and keep in mind that I hadn’t read Breaking Dawn at that time, I knew that there was something off about the description of the werewolves. And besides, I have never heard of werewolves in Native American stories. I have only heard of shapeshifters/skinwalkers in the Native American stories. I usually hear of werewolf stories in the context of Europe and in what European immigrants brought to North America. I’m just saying that before you actually believe that Jacob and everyone else in the Quileute tribe are werewolves, look up general Native American stories. And in this case, I’m glad that I have an interest in the paranormal or else I wouldn’t have questioned Stephanie Meyer’s knowledge of werewolves.

The Wolf Pack

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