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Renesmee vs. Nessie

I finished reading Breaking Dawn last month. Anyway, one of the parts that stuck out in my mind was when the Volturi are coming to find out as to what Renesmee is exactly. The thing that I have a bone to pick with is the fact that Bella bitches and moans about how everybody calls Renesmee “Nessie.” Now, I kinda can see why she would rather people call Renesmee by her actual name, because I really don’t like it when people call me something different. But the thing that I don’t get is why doesn’t Bella just accept that Nessie is just easier to say than Renesmee. Why does she insist on having everybody her Renesmee? I mean it’s just like Jacob said in the book. Renesmee is a mouthful to say. Plus, it’s kinda hard to say in the first place. Anyway, that’s just what I think. And I know that the picture is a picture of Claudia from Interview With The Vampire. But there aren’t any pictures that I could find that I thought were appropriate.


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