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Project Runway: Season 6

You know, I was thinking about the entire season 6 now that it’s over. Personally, I think that this season was the most boring from all six seasons. In addition to that, I think that some of the designers were sent home too early. The reason that I thought that this season was boring was because there wasn’t that much drama or interesting people on the show, especially when you compare it to previous seasons. For example, in season 1, there was the animosity towards Wendy Pepper. In season 2, there was Andrae’s breakdowns, and Santino’s insane personality. In season 3, there was too much drama to list. In season 4, there was Christian and him being fierce! In season 5, there was Kenley, who always talked back to the judges. But when it comes to season 6, the only things were when Johnny lied about his newspaper outfit, when Althea was bitching and moaning about how Logan stole her zipper collar idea, and when Irina accused Irina of doing the same thing with the jacket. Anyway, when it came to the talented designers who were sent home early, some of them I agree that they went home too early. I think that Ra’mon, Epperson, and Shirin were sent home too early. They all have made beautiful outfits until their respective eliminations. Although, I think that Shirin’s elimination was totally unfair. If it weren’t for the fact that Gordana had immunity for Shirin’s elimination episode, I would have had Gordana eliminated. I think that Shirin would have made it to the top three if she hadn’t been eliminated when she was. Anyway, I don’t particularly care for this season.

Project Runway S6 cast

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  1. Johnny’s The Best! Gg

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