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I watched the finale for Project Runway. It looks like I was right about Irina being the winner. And it was for the same reasons that I said. Irina has consistently put out gorgeous and well-made outfits. And not to mention, she has made the outfit to each challenge’s specifications. Now, the thing that I don’t get is a lot of other Project Runway fans’ reactions to Irina’s win. In a lot of articles that I read about Irina like these two, one from E! and the other from US Magazine, a good majority of the comments were bashing Irina’s personality based on what was shown on the show, and how she shouldn’t have won because of that. Personally, I have a bone to pick with these comments. While I agree that her attitude could have better, I think that these commenters are forgetting that Project Runway is a designing competition, not a Miss USA Pageant. The judges are not judging the designers on their personalities, with the exceptions of paired challenges; they’re judging the outfits that the designers made. And besides, everybody should know by now that competition/reality shows like Project Runway can be edited so that a person would look bitchy. I’m just saying that just because Irina appeared to be mean on the show, that doesn’t mean that she’s like that in real life. Anyway, you can bitch and moan about how Irina shouldn’t have won or that Carol Hannah should have, etc., but like I said, I think the right person won. And just for clarification, my judgement is just based Irina’s final collection and how she did in the previous challenges.

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