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The Shroud of Turin

I saw this documentary on the Shroud of Turin within the last month. Not to piss off anyone who thinks that the Shroud is legit but I don’t think it is the shroud that covered Jesus’ body. There are several reasons why I don’t think the Shroud is legit. The main reason is that the face on the Shroud looks too perfect for the Shroud to have been put onto a real person. If it was on a real person, then the image of the face would have been distorted. The second major reason was the blood stains on the wrists and ankles on the Shroud. Now, as far as I know, Jesus was dead when he was taken off the cross. Well, I would think that the blood stains would have been a lot smaller if the person was dead. So that made me think that the person was still alive when he was put into the Shroud, if it was put onto a real person. The last reason was the carbon-dating on the Shroud. According to the carbon-dating, the Shroud was from the Middle Ages. Anyway, there’s just too much inconsistencies for me to say that the Shroud is legit.
Shroud of Turin

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