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I was channel surfing the TV recently and briefly saw T*Witches. The movies and the sequel is another movies series that were based on books that didn’t really follow the books. The first major thing is the physical descriptions of the twins. In the books, the twins started off as 14 year olds with auburn hair and gray eyes. And how many people are there who are of mixed-race descent that have auburn hair. The second major thing was the story lines. In the books, there’s no such thing as the Shadowlands, Aron wasn’t killed by Thantos, etc. All I can say is that the only thing that the books and movies have in common is the titles, the names of the major characters, and the fact that Coventry is separate place from where the twins live. In the books, Coventry is an island off the coast of Michigan or Massachusetts (I can’t remember which one). Keep in mind that the twins don’t live in that state. On the other hand, Coventry is a totally different dimension. Anyway, like I said, the books and movies do not have much in common.


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