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A few days after my 21st birthday, I read a myspace blog saying that Universal Pictures might be producing a Vampire Chronicles movie. In regards to this news, there are several things that I want to to talk about. Number one: the rumors. I hope the rumors are true about a Vampire Chronicles movie being made. It’s about time. It’s been about seven years since Queen of the Damned and 15 years since Interview with the Vampire. The second thing: if the rumors are true, which book would be made into a movie? It had better not be Interview with the Vampire because I don’t think that it needs to be remade. Queen of the Damned, on the other hand, should be remade. Like I said in my previous post, Queen of the Damned was crap. Anyway, the third thing would be who would play the characters like Lestat, Louis, Gabrielle, etc. I’ll get to the rumors of Robert Downing Jr. possibly as Lestat in my next post. Anyway, I hope that the rumors are true and that a new Vampire Chronicles movie will come out.

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