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The Volturi

I recently found a blog that talked about the picture of the Volturi that leaked from New Moon. When I first saw the picture, I was like “Oh my God! That’s Dakota Fanning, Jaime Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright, and Christopher Heyerdahl?” I can see the resemblance between Jaime Campell Bower, who was Anthony in Sweeney Todd, and Cameron Bright, who was Jimmy/Leech, the mutant who’s power neutralized other mutants’ power in X-Men 3, and their respective characters. But when it came to Dakota Fanning and Christopher Heyerdahl, I didn’t recognize them at all. As for Michael Sheen, I can’t really say because I haven’t seen a lot of his pictures or movies. Anyway, with the exception of Michael Sheen, I really think that each actor that was chosen are the appropriate choices for each character, especially Christopher Heyerdahl. I think that he can pull off the creepiness of Marcus, based on what I’ve seen in Supernatural and Are You Afraid of the Dark. To all Supernatural and Are You Afraid of the Dark fans, he played the demon Alister in season 4, the alien Leonid and Nosferatu in The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor and The Tale of the Midnight Madness. Anyway, I can’t wait to see New Moon.

The Volturi

Renesmee and Claudia

Like I said in my previous post, I only read Twilight, New Moon, and a little bit of Eclipse. Anyway, I read the plot summary of Breaking Dawn and I find it interesting that the two vampire series that I read raises the issue of an immortal child being made. In Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, there’s the character of Claudia, a vampire that had the body of a five or six year old girl. And in Breaking Dawn, there’s Renesmee. I find it interesting because in both series, immortal children aren’t allowed, even though Renesmee isn’t a true immortal child. She’s actually a dhampir. Anyway, I digress. I think the reasoning behind the whole not allowing immortal children is that, even if they were under control as per the Twilight series, they (the immortal children) can’t really blend into society with no “adult” and without raising eyebrows. It’s basically the same thing that I wrote about in my Claudia post. Anyway, I just find it interesting.


Edward vs. Jacob

I was recently looking at the forums on the page for the paperback copy for Eclipse and one of the posts talked about who would you choose between Edward and Jacob, and how old each person was. Anyway, a majority of the replies were for Edward and had a wide range of ages, while the rest for Jacob or neither. Now, keep in mind that I have only read Twilight, New Moon, and the preface and the first chapter of Eclipse. I still have to read Breaking Dawn. In either case, I don’t really know how Edward or Jacob act in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as of yet. However, based on Twilight and New Moon, I personally choose Jacob over Edward. No offense to Edward fans but I find him to be a bit too old fashioned for me, in terms of personality. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want my guy to open the door for me every once in while, but I wouldn’t want to be treated like I’m a piece of glass either. I would rather have my guy be more like Jacob, personality wise. Anyway, that’s just my opinion and keep in mind that it was formed only on the first two books.
Taylor and Robert

Kristen Stewart

I was watching Twilight recently and I noticed that Kristen Stewart blinked and bit her a lip a lot. That made me think. Does she do that in her everyday life or was it just her interpretation of what Bella is like in terms of quirks? I don’t know. I think that it’s just weird and annoying.

Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria

Recently, I just found out that Rachelle Lefevre would be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria in the movie adaptation of Eclipse. Personally, I think that the casting people made a huge mistake in letting go of Rachelle over a slight scheduling conflict. I mean Rachelle should have told the people in charge about her being in another movie where the scheduling would be in conflict earlier but the people in charge should have been like “Is there a way we can work the schedule out?” The people in charge also shouldn’t have been so pissy about the scheduling conflict. Anyway, that’s just what I think. Oh, a little side note: no offense to her but I think that Bryce Dallas Howard is a little creepy looking.

Rachelle Lefevre and Bryce Dallas Howard

The Variations Between Vampires

Like I said in my previous post, with New Moon coming out in November, it made me think about the variations between the vampires that I’ve read about and have seen in movies or on TV. With Bram Stoker’s Dracula, vampires are described as being afraid of the sun, the cross, garlic, etc., not being able to cross running water. They also have to sleep within the dirt of the homeland. Now, with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the only thing that the vampires have in common with Bram Stoker’s vampires is that they drink blood, can’t go into the sun without some damage, and having fangs. With Anne Rice’s vampires, they become more statue like, stronger, less hungry, etc., as they grow older. However, that also depends on how old/strong his or her maker is or was. They also have other abilities such as being able to read each others’ mind, with the exception of his or her maker, or if they were made soon after Akasha became a vampire. Anyway, with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, I noticed that the vampires are more similar to Anne Rice’s vampires than to Bram Stoker’s vampires. I noticed that besides the superhuman speed, strength, agility, etc., their physical body becomes hard like stone, the skin is pale, cold. They also become more beautiful, especially compared to other humans and when they were humans. The only differences that I noticed was the fact that Stephanie Meyer’s vampires just sparkle in the sunlight while Anne Rice’s vampires can easily die from exposure to the sun, depending on how old (s)he is and who his/her maker was. The only other differences that I noticed was the different types of powers that the vampires had and whether or not they sleep.

Akashathe Cullens

Vampire Novels

With the whole talk about the Twilight series because of New Moon coming out in November, that made me think of the series of the books. Then I realized that a lot of the popular vampire book series were written by women. Take the Twilight series, it was written by Stephanie Meyer. Then there’s the novels written by Laurell K. Hamilton. And last but not least, you have The Vampire Chronicles, written by Anne Rice. Why is it that the popular vampire series were written by women? I mean, it is because the fan base is predominantly female and the female writers know what their readers want to read? Anyway, I find it to be interesting.

Stephanie MeyerLaurel K. HamiltonAnne Rice

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