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As you guys know, I’m a Vampire Chronicles and Twilight fan. Anyway, with New Moon coming out in theaters in November and the trailer being everywhere, that kinda made me think about what the Cullens practice. Well, I find it weird for me that in the Vampire Chronicles, I don’t like Lestat because he’s not very human like, in terms of drinking human blood, even though he drinks the evildoer’s blood. And yet, I like Louis because he didn’t drink until he absolutely needed to. But when it comes to Twilight, I don’t particularly care for the Cullens as much as I like James. Well, at least in terms of drinking blood. I find it very ironic because in one vampire series, I like the “vegetarian” vampire and not the “carnivore” vampire. And yet, in the other series, I don’t like the “vegetarian” vampires while I like the “carnivore” vampire.
TwilightJamesLestat and Louis

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