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You know, as you might see on my profile, I recently put the Twilight series in my books section and the Twilight movie in the movie section.  Anyway, after having watched the New Moon trailer recently, that made me think about the book.  In the book, Jacob talked about how his tribe were werewolves.  Well, as I reading the descriptions that that were in the book, I thought that they were a bit odd.  To me, it was odd because according to a lot of werewolf mythology, werewolves are controlled by the full moon.  And yet, in the book, Jacob and the other “werewolves” can change at will.  Well, after they change for the first time.  Anyway, so that made me think about what else could explain the descriptions in the book.  I immediately thought of shapeshifters.  Shapeshifters can change into whatever and whenever they want.  Case in point would like in the Harry Potter series.  There are several characters who can change into animals at will.  Well, with the exception of Remus Lupin.  And to top it off, I know that there are stories of shapeshifters within Native American tribes.  So, to me, it makes sense more sense that Jacob and his tribe would probably be shapeshifters and not werewolves.  Now, you can bitch and moan about what I wrote, but, hey, that’s just my opinion.

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